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Read on, and discover a brand new style of learning to play bass guitar that I have created, and let me share with you my unique methods to help you develop your skills as a professional musician.

  • Learn to play bass in the comfort of your own home
  • Enjoy over 200 online video tutorials, demonstrations and downloads
  • Get free, unlimited personal support and enjoy group support from other members
  • Save thousands on tuition fees by joining the Tony Grey Bass Academy.
  • Comprehensive lessons include theory AND practical
  • Ditch expensive bass guitar lessons and pay just once for the whole year

Perfect for Beginner to Professional


Can you answer YES or can you relate to any of the following;

  • Do you want to Save the cost of enrolling at music college?
  • Are you looking to Save thousands on private tuition fees each year?
  • Would you like to really Master the bass?
  • Do you want to Learn for Fun?
  • Are you a student looking to enhance your career?
  • Maybe you Can’t afford regular lessons with a private tutor?
  • Can you imagine enjoying flexibility to learn at your own pace?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then signing up as a student will change the way you play bass FOREVER.

Sign up today and benefit from having your own personal Bass Guitar tutor in the comfort of your own home, along with our new student support forum, designed to help you on your journey through the academy.

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  • Learn any aspect of Bass at your own pace
  • Enjoy Warm and Fun Lessons whenever and wherever you are
  • Tailored Lessons to suit your development at any stage of playing
  • Easy Video Lessons showing you how to play all the styles and all the genres
  • Hundreds of tips and tricks, showing you how to develop as a musician
  • Inspirational lessons, helping you create your own voice as a musician
  • Simple Lesson plans broken down into sections so you can learn at any pace
  • Join our Community of like minded people where we all learn and grow together

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What’s In The Academy?

There are two exceptional courses, covering the A-Z of Bass Guitar and Music

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Bass Academy Monthly Bass Academy Platinum Bass Academy Gold

There are Three Ways You Can Join

1. Bass Academy Monthly Membership

Bass Academy Monthly Members get access to over 20 chapters of premium lesson content, with new lessons delivered every month.

Bass Academy Monthly is a monthly subscription where you get access to the Academy with new lessons added every month.

2. 7 Steps & Bass Academy Monthly Membership

Members who purchase the 7 steps course and sign up to the Bass Academy Monthly Subscription, benefit from Lifetime access to the 7 Steps Course along with new monthly lessons with Bass Academy Monthly – which you can cancel at any time, while keeping access to the 7 steps course.

The ultimate 7 Steps is a beginners to intermediate course, covering all the styles such as Latin, Funk, R&B, Slap n Pop, Rock and lots more.

3. Platinum Membership

Platinum members Benefit from EVERYTHING. This is where you get access everything. Lifetime access to the 7 steps course Plus 12 months access to the Bass Academy. Thats over 200 lessons, over 200 downloads, pdf’s and MP3 Playalong tracks, with new lessons and content delivered every month, for 12 months.


Whatever membership you choose, you’ll also get access to;

- Private Members forum
- Exclusive Members resource area
- Our excellent support team
- Exciting new Lessons EVERY Month
- Live member webinars where we invite special guests
- No need to know how to read music
- Learn all the styles, all the genres
- Printable PDF lessons
- Tips, tricks and exclusive MP3 play-along tracks to download
- Full rundown on gear
- Comprehensive Ear training
- Music Reading and composition

Get Maximum results in the minimum of time.

If you have a few mintues to spare each day,

I guarantee you’ll benefit from these bass lessons.

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Bass Academy Monthly Bass Academy Platinum Bass Academy Gold


moneyback guarantee


If you have any questions, you can contact us here.


9 Responses to Join Us

  1. Jack hermiz says:

    Music is relaxing way to relieve stress from working

  2. Mike Bennett says:

    I have played guitar for 30 years plus and have recently brought your CD ‘Elevation’ on iTunes. Of course its great, I love it. As a musician I guess I would be at an advanced level regarding music theory, reading treble clef, and playing level on guitar. However I have just this year taken a position at a music school here in Brisbane Australia teaching guitar & bass. Although I understand the theory and practice needed to become a great player with regard to bass, I have no technique on the instrument to be able to help or inspire my students. My left hand fingering and my reading bass clef I can deal with. Problem for me is my right hand technique, my tone & the little tricks such as muted notes used as rhythmic acompniment that you bass players get up to – all great devices that us guitar players love and affect the music we hear and how we play on a subliminal level but has never come to mind for me until now. The reason for this email is I really want to play great bass & help my students. Do you show bass from the basics such as good right hand technique & exercises.
    Love your playing and lots of others of course – Jaco, Anthony Jackson, Richard Bona, Linley Marthe, and the list goes on …
    Look forward to your reply

    Ciao 4 now

    Mike Bennett in Brisbane Australia

  3. Stephen Kiely says:

    I have a Warwick Streamer Rock Bass Guitar and would love to learn to play it but have no idea of notes ,cords,etc I am 65yrs young and have not played a musical instrument since a recorder at age 9 or 10

  4. Narayan Kanti Sarker says:

    Can I join here?

  5. isaac chibuisi says:

    I like to learn how to play guiter and improve my performance.

  6. Rob Walker says:


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