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Very Cool, Very Zen! The Road To Creative Freedom...

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  June 3, 2016

One of our students shared a recent breakthrough he’d experienced with his playing. The basis of his discovery was rooted in the magic and power of CREATIVE FREEDOM. His realization became my inspiration… which is what's prompted me to explore my personal Philosophy behind learning and how that relates directly to the creation of the Tony Grey Bass Academy.

Steve shares...
"This very cool process is happening where I’m beginning to know exactly where the notes are before I read the progression as I move through the exercises. It’s like my fingers, ears and brain are mystically communicating with each other. Very Cool, Very Zen! I think part of this is due to the fact that I have no goals other than enjoying the learning process. In the past, when I was so goal-oriented and competitive, I missed out on a lot of stuff. It’s kind of simple really. All you need is intention and practice, and the joy factor is guaranteed!"

That's it! He's cracked the code. By following a structured learning system that creates a solid musical foundation, combined with specific tools for creative expression, you're able to anticipate what comes next.  Inside the Tony Grey Bass Academy we’re constantly developing our muscle memory and learning to move around our instrument instinctively while visualizing the fingerboard in our mind's eye. That's where the freedom is at! That's the key! When every student recognizes this they'll discover how quickly they can develop.

It's so easy for us to turn on YouTube or some Social Media site and find someone who's playing something we wish we could play. So we try to emulate it without really owning it. It's not really ours. This brings out our competitive nature, which in the long run becomes discouraging. There's nothing you can do about your current ability over night. It's a process that develops over time. All we can do is optimize our current level by being as creative as possible with the things we're learning in the moment, which is exactly what the Tony Grey Bass Academy is all about; learning a systematic and structured approach while being creative and following the carefully crafted curriculum. This is how we become connected to our own journey and inner voice. Once you reach that place, your experience of practicing and playing music will change completely. I am living proof of that.

The cumulative building blocks within the Academy curriculum, (specifically fingerboard study, linear solo concepts, bebop study and applying melodic content over jazz standards) will work together to set you free on your instrument.

If you aren't a member of the Bass Academy and would like to check it out, step inside for a FREE 7-day

For a limited time I'm also offering current/new students a 1-hour Skype Lesson to become better acquainted with each of you and to help students become more familiar with the Academy curriculum and philosophy as it applies to their current level of skill and availability.

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