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How To Create The Tone That You Crave

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  November 22, 2017

We don't put enough into learning how to develop our tone and then rely on the belief that better equipment will be the solution. The only problem is, when you do get the high end gear, you still have the same issues. I started getting good results with my tone when I slowed everything down and became...

How To Determine Which Teacher Is Right For Your Individual Needs.

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  November 20, 2017

It’s the week of Thanks-Giving here in the U.S. and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to focus on giving back in appreciation for everything I’ve been gifted in my life! What better way than to help other musicians get a little closer to their dreams. I love to teach, and over the years it’s become...

Intentions Create Habits. Nurturing Skill Unlocks Creativity.

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  September 3, 2017

In this continuation, I’d like to talk about Practice Routines and how to apply yourself in the most effective way while learning these Vertical Fingering Patterns. There is a science behind how you practice that can and WILL lead you to creative freedom and fluidity. Let me explain...

My "Secret" to Creative Fluidity... it's SO simple and SO overlooked!

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  August 31, 2017

My BIG secret is all about the fingerboard and how we move around while we're playing. Most of us have been taught to shift positions in a way that's not very economical, which doesn't open up the fretboard in a way that lends to creativity, instead we find ourselves boxed in and limited in what we can create. Does this sound familiar...

Unlocking The Musician's Mindset

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  November 25, 2016

The social media culture of hate and judgement has fueled the already debilitating insecurity of a musician. Everywhere we look there is someone doing better than we are; more popular, more loved, more gigs, more chops, more personality...

Very Cool, Very Zen! The Road To Creative Freedom...

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  June 3, 2016

One of our students shared a recent breakthrough he’d experienced with his playing. The basis of his discovery was rooted in the magic and power of creative freedom. His realization became my inspiration...

What Being An Educator Means To Me

Posted by: Tony Grey  /  April 20, 2016

We all benefit from individualized education when it comes to learning; therefore, establishing a relationship with your teacher of choice should be a TOP PRIORITY!

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